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It’s a revolutionary Robotic and Nano science technology


1.  Reduce pollution up to 60-80%
2 . Increases Mileage for petrol 10-20%.
3 . Less engine oil consumption.
4 . Reduction of noise and vibrations.
5 . Treats low pickup.
6 . Increases life of vehicle.


It enters through air inlet to combustion chamber undergoes reaction with  carbon clogs or complex carbon material degrades into oxidization process.

Instruction to install:

  •     Start engine and inject slowly at the site of air filter inlet rubber tube.
  •     Inject slowly  upto  5-7 min.
  •     Do not turn off the engine immedietly after injection.
  •      maintain 40-60 kmph optimum speed to increase mileage.


1. Restart inject if turnoff and accelerate slowly while injecting.
2. wait 20 – 30 min if carbon antidote inject quickly within seconds because it will take time to conversion.
3. According to terms and policies there is no refund /exchange if the product is not tampered/damaged.
4. If any further queries email to or visit

Capacity & Injection

100 cc/10 ml, 110 cc/10 ml, 125 cc/10 ml, 150 cc/15 ml, 180 cc/15 ml, 180 cc/15 ml, 220 cc/15 ml, 250 cc/15 ml, 300 cc/20 ml, 350 cc/20 ml, 550 cc/20 ml


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