Ayurvedic Remedies for Dry Cough

A dry cough is a common problem nowadays that many people suffer from. The main is due to the pollutants or the allergens entering through the throat pipe and the cough in order to throw them out. Dry can be severed in some cases it can last for a long time too. An individual person can encounter a few signs and side effects, for example, regular dry hack, sputum creation, touchiness, dryness in the mouth, sore throat, sluggishness, trouble in the swallowing of the food. Dry cough can be treated by Ayurveda remedies and get cured fast.

Symptoms of Dry cough

  • Regular coughing 
  • Mucus/sputum creation 
  • Suffocation in the chest or some burning sensation 
  • Fever 
  • Some pain in the areas of heart, temples, head, abdominal region, sides 
  • Some sort of irritation
  • Frequent dryness  in the mouth 
  • Pain in the swallowing of foods
  • Weakness or some sort of tiredness
  • Sore throat

Causes of Dry Cough

The fundamental cause of dry cough is some sort of  diseases or infections in the respiratory tract, Sinusitis, Pneumonia, suppressing the vomitings you get and irritation because of allergens. The last explanation is the most widely recognized.

High contamination levels, residue, hypersensitivity and poisonous smoke is also the reason dry cough is caused , the harmful substances (like cigarettes) it is known as a cause of dry cough. Your respiratory framework must have solid invulnerability to fight from this illness,  however with helpless nourishment, irregular way of life and developing environmental harmfulness, it is difficult for your body to tackle. The other reasons are giving more stress to the body and taking in mostly the substances which are cold in nature. Eating fewer amounts of food can also be a reason.

Common Remedies for Dry Cough 

Yoga is cold to reduce coughing and build immunity to the body. Pranayam is the best for dry cough. Good nutritious foods have to be consumed by us , the food which contains more amounts of the vitamin C can be consumed by us . The junk should be avoided by us as far as possible . Consumption of slightly hot water is preferred as staying at home temperatures is considered as good. Good amounts of sleep are required and giving the body good rest is suggested.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Dry Cough

  • Tulsi Leaves: Tulsi is also known as holy basil leaves is a very good option for the reduction of dry cough. It will also improve the cough. It also functions as an immunity booster to the body. It can be consumed in the form of tea. It has vitamin k that offers protection from stress. 
  • Tulsi Tea: Tulsi tea is effective for dry cough. The preparation for tulsi tea is as follows: Take some amounts of tulsi leaves and add two to three cloves in it , add 2-3 cardamom and mic with about 500 ml of water and then drink it. If you want you can add honey into it as a sweetener 
  • Sauf: These are also known as aniseeds, it can put in water and removes as used in the preparation of tea or coffee
  • Turmeric: It is really effective in the reduction of dry cough. Turmeric can be taken in many forms.Taking honey with turmeric is very much effective or it can be taken the same amount of black pepper and boiled little adding cinnamon sticks and honey to it . Drinking this mixture helps in the improvement of cough.

Treatments in Ayurveda for cough

Depending on the patient and his severity many remedies are there for the prevention of dry coughs and it also depends  upon the dosha (Vata pitta Kalpha ) These include treatment as mentioned below 

  1. Utilization of oils as well as warmth to the prana vaha srota (respiratory framework). Eg. Sesame oil rubbed into the chest followed to ease the pain .
  2. Ghrita (sedated ghee) organization. Ghee is made ready by utilizing warm or soggy expectorant spices: Kantakari, vasaka, licorice and wild cherry bark d the cherry tree
  3. For the digestive related framework anuvasana basti (oil purification) or niruha basti (decoction bowel purge) is finished. 
  4. Remedy of Sitopaladi Churna. It is a mix of numerous spices and flavors with boss spice being Vamsa rochana.

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